Why Invest in DXRX

Precision Medicine has arrived, with each requiring companion diagnostics.

DXRX helps connect diagnostics to treatment — to get patients the medicine they need.

Growth in the precision medicine market is evident.

The precision medicine market is growing at pace. 

In 2021 the precision medicine industry was valued at $66.1bn and it is expected to reach $175.6bn by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 11.5% during the forecast period. Leading pharma companies working in precision medicine include Novartis, Roche/Genentech, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, BMS, Merck and Amgen, and companies such as AstraZeneca have approximately 90% of their clinical development pipeline currently driven by precision therapeutics. 

Based on current spending trends, Diaceutics estimates that pharma allocates an average commercialisation budget of US$10-15m per brand. With its expanding offering, Diaceutics is increasingly well placed to capture a growing share of these budgets.

Eligible patients are not getting access to the medicine they need.

We estimate that even after a precision medicine has been launched, up to 50% of eligible patients do not get access to the medicine due to testing hurdles. This was recently substantiated in the Journal of Clinical Oncology which stated that 64% of lung cancer patients did not receive the most effective medicines for them and their cancer type as a result of suboptimal processes in the disease testing and diagnosis stages. 

These missed patients across precision medicine are an issue that pharma companies are increasingly recognising and seeking to resolve. This problem affects all test dependent therapies regardless of disease, and can run into the millions of patients and billions in drug revenues. Innovations in diagnostic technology are disrupting the existing healthcare landscape, and patients are already benefiting from improved access to a range of cost-effective technologies.

The DXRX Platform addresses these issues.

The DXRX platform is the world’s first diagnostic commercialisation platform for precision medicine, integrating multiple pipelines of real-world data from a global network of real-time labs, in addition to government and commercial claims data. It allows stakeholders in the precision medicine diagnostics market to collaborate and shape the marketplace in real time. It reduces the diagnostic process hurdles ensuring that labs globally are test ready for each new precision medicine at launch. This significantly increases pharma’s new drug return on investment. Ultimately, we hope to help physicians deliver the right medicine to each individual patient in relation to their own personal pathology.


First to Market

DXRX is a unique diagnostics commercialisation platform for Precision medicine that addresses the issues. 

It allows stakeholders in the Precision Medicine diagnostics market to collaborate and shape the marketplace, in real time.  It reduces the diagnostic hurdles ensuring that laboratories globally are test ready for each new Precision Medicine at launch. This significantly increases pharma’s Return on Investment on developing new drugs.

Ultimately, we help physicians deliver the right medicine to each individual patient in relation to their own personal pathology.


The world’s richest repository of real-world diagnostic testing data

Through the delivery of our consulting services to overcome the hurdles to successful Precision Medicine diagnostics, we have gathered the world’s largest repository of real-world testing data and developed unique insights into the successful commercialisation of Precision Medicine diagnostics, to create a comprehensive and unique offering, accessible via the subscription model.

The more projects we complete the more exhaust data we have to differentiate our platform and generate revenue.

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