Why Invest in DXRX

Precision Medicine has arrived, with each requiring companion diagnostics.

DXRX helps connect diagnostics to treatment — to get patients the medicine they need.

Growth in the Precision Medicine market is evident.

Precision Medicine has arrived, with each requiring companion diagnostics. Major pharma companies such as AstraZeneca are confirming that approximately 90% of their clinical development pipeline is currently driven by precision therapeutics.

In 2020 it is estimated that the Precision Medicine industry was valued at $58billion. It has been predicted that the Precision Medicine industry will grow by 9.2% CAGR by 2026 to over $98billion. Leading pharma companies working in Precision Medicine include Novartis, Roche/Genentech, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, BMS, Merck and Amgen.

Patients should receive the medicine they need.

It currently takes over three years for more than 70% of labs to be able to offer a new diagnostic. We estimate that even after a Precision Medicine has been launched, up to 50% of eligible patients do not get access to the medicine, due to testing hurdles. This ‘leakage’ of patients is an issue that pharma companies are increasingly recognising and seeking to resolve. This problem affects all test dependent therapies - regardless of disease and can run into the $bns for a drug.

DXRX – A data-enabled, digital platform, Connecting labs, pharma and service providers - globally.


First to Market

DXRX is a unique diagnostics commercialisation platform for Precision medicine that addresses the issues. 

It allows stakeholders in the Precision Medicine diagnostics market to collaborate and shape the marketplace, in real time.  It reduces the diagnostic hurdles ensuring that laboratories globally are test ready for each new Precision Medicine at launch. This significantly increases pharma’s Return on Investment on developing new drugs.

Ultimately, we help physicians deliver the right medicine to each individual patient in relation to their own personal pathology.


The world’s richest repository of real-world diagnostic testing data

Through the delivery of our consulting services to overcome the hurdles to successful Precision Medicine diagnostics, we have gathered the world’s largest repository of real-world testing data and developed unique insights into the successful commercialisation of Precision Medicine diagnostics, to create a comprehensive and unique offering, accessible via the subscription model.

The more projects we complete the more exhaust data we have to differentiate our platform and generate revenue.

A compelling investment case based on strong fundamentals

Truly scalable SaaS platform

High margin digital solutions revenue will grow over time

Well-funded business

High gross margins

We are confident we have built a considerable level of competitive advantage and competitive moat.

We are experts in diagnostic commercialisation, having been involved in some form in the launch of every Precision Medicine currently brought to market.

We have the only digital platform bringing together all the stakeholders required to resolve the inefficiencies in the Precision Medicine diagnostics market.

We have unparalleled depth of data, which combined with our unique data mining tools and algorithms provide rich real world testing data insights at disease level.

We are focused on Precision Medicine across all key diseases.

We have a global network of labs and service partners in Precision Medicine diagnostics, not limited by geography.

With each new client or lab that joins the platform  and every collaboration we form, the wealth of exhaust data grows and the service we deliver becomes more useful and valuable.

Proven Track Record

We are an established, proved provider of services to the pharmaceutical industry.

We have many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical businesses as customers, including 20 of the top 30
We have worked on almost all oncology Precision Medicine drugs brought to market.

A large and growing opportunity

Despite the increasing importance of effective diagnostic testing, the testing market itself is currently highly fragmented and the pharmaceutical industry has varied insight into it.

The addressable market for Diaceutics specific services today is approximately US$0.25 billion annually based on our current forecast. We expect this to increase to $0.45 billion annually by 2026, due to an increasing number of brands being brought to market and more budget being spent by pharma on eliminating the testing hurdles.

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