“Diaceutics is committed, through its culture, processes and business activities, to ensuring that it has a positive impact on all of its stakeholders. These include our customers and customer partners, our shareholders, patients and communities, the environment, our employees and the wider Diaceutics network”.

This is Diaceutics’ second Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Statement, which describes how our business is contributing to society in an ethical, sustainable, and well governed manner for the benefit of all stakeholders. These include our customers and customer partners, our shareholders, patients and laboratory communities, the environment, our employees and the wider Diaceutics network. The statement outlines the actions taken and business practices adopted to address our overriding purpose. Together with our policies, it provides the foundation for our ESG journey. This statement will be reviewed throughout 2024 and in subsequent years to measure progress and to scope further objectives and outcomes to improve our performance in these three important areas. We welcome all stakeholder feedback as we progress our ESG agenda.

Environment and Sustainability

Senior management have recently adopted an operational Environmental Policy statement with a set of clear objectives aimed at reducing the Group’s environmental impact and engaging with suppliers who share our vision and ambitions. This will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing application of these objectives throughout the Group’s operational activities and strategic plans wherever practicable.

Our Buildings and Locations 

In 2021, we established our new Company headquarters  at Dataworks in the Kings Hall Health and Wellbeing  Park in Belfast. Our building boasts an “A” rated  energy certificate and utilises renewable energy  sources for 58% of its electricity consumption. This  location provides direct proximity to Belfast’s major  hospitals, universities and innovative medical research  facilities, and we are already seeing the benefits of the  location as a thriving data hub enabling data analytics  companies, medical professionals and patient centric  groups to collaborate in this shared space.  Research groups and healthcare companies have the  option to co-locate alongside Diaceutics or collaborate  with our team of highly qualified experts. Through a  joint collaboration agreement, they can gain access to  our global data repository. Accumulated over the last  decade, Diaceutics’ precision medicine data repository  provides unparalleled access to in-depth analysis of a  vast array of records.  

Recycling initiatives  

We actively promote recycling initiatives within our  headquarters, providing resources such as DXRX drinking flasks, boiling hot water taps, and low flush  toilets. Our facilities management partner, CBRE,  facilitates regular recycling of confidential waste-paper  with secure recycle bins located externally.

Operational Carbon Footprint

While we recognise the importance of minimising  our environmental impact, we also acknowledge the  necessity of face-to-face interactions with clients.  We strive to balance environmental responsibility with  meeting client needs, promoting digital communication  channels and virtual meetings where possible while  recognising the value of in-person engagements.

Future Reporting

We remain committed to tracking and reporting our  energy consumption and carbon emissions through  initiatives such as the Streamlined Energy and Carbon  Reporting (SECR) and the setting of near term science  based targets on the Science Based Targets Initiative  (SBTI) platform. These efforts reflect our ongoing  commitment to environmental stewardship and  sustainability, aiming for continuous improvement year upon year.



Our Culture

At Diaceutics, we recognise that the nexus of any workplace, is that employees determine success. Without our people, the purpose, products, services, and strategy of Diaceutics would not be possible, and it is therefore essential that employees work in an environment that provides them with opportunities to thrive. It was through this recognition that the ‘Diaceutics EFFECT’ values were born. Since their establishment in 2018, these six values (Empowerment, Foresight, Fun, Empathy, Communication and Trust) have been at the heart of all decisions made throughout all levels of the organisation and have gained extra momentum as the organisation has grown. With employees collaborating with one another across the globe it is more important than ever that we focus on our workplace culture to create the greatest benefit and highest impact possible. Culture activities are led by both official and unofficial Culture Ambassadors, in parallel with the dissemination of our values, throughout the Company and beyond, to our collaborators, lab partners, clients and investors. Our investors also recognise the value of our culture from a business perspective, identifying us as a “learning company,” working and learning with our clients, flexing as the environment requires - driving our entrepreneurial and EFFECT values home by being communicably collaborative, forward thinking and of course, a trust-worthy investment.

Our Ethics

At Diaceutics we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards throughout our business and ensuring that these are reflected in policies and procedures to support this commitment. These include an Equality, Inclusion and Diversity policy; Human Rights Policy; Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy; Whistleblowing policy and, an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. Our critical supplier assessment policy for new core suppliers, includes a request for information as to their code of ethics, thereby seeking to ensure that their culture aligns with ours, and assessments of existing suppliers is carried out as part of the regular risk review process. A Code of Conduct for Employees, which includes ethics and ethical behaviour was introduced in 2023.

Further information on Our Focus on Our People, Inclusion and Diversity, Employee Engagement, Recruitment and Retention, and more can be found starting on Page 44 of Our Annual Report. 



Diaceutics is dedicated to having robust governance protocols and procedures throughout all aspects of our business. These help the business operate to high standards of conduct and to protect and grow the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Advancing Data Governance

At Diaceutics we strive to be a leader in the data governance space and stand out as a company who cares about their patients’ data. We embrace the challenge of complying with the evolving regulatory landscape around data, and welcome the highest levels of data governance as an expectation for those operating with patient data in the precision medicine space. 

Central to this is our commitment to ensuring the security and protection of all personal data that we process. We have built a robust data compliance framework and continue to look for ways to improve our data governance efforts. In 2022 this included the establishment of an operational environment which integrates all data handling within a quality management system and adoption of the process for ISO 27001 and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust, and Assurance and Risk (STAR) certification standards for our platform. 

A vital part of Diaceutics’ business is the development and evolution of its DXRX platform. We are excited to be part of a growing digital and data driven sector which is critical to the growth of the Company, but are equally committed to the safeguarding, access, privacy, ethical use, and security of all data.


Diaceutics produces many of its products using data obtained from various channels and is committed to the security, protection and lawful treatment of personal data. We acknowledge that protecting the confidentiality and integrity of personal data is a critical responsibility that we must always take seriously. 

Diaceutics has a data protection regime in place, which ensures that all personnel are sufficiently trained to handle any personal data in accordance with internal policies and standard operating procedures. This regime continues to evolve to keep abreast of regulatory developments across the globe. 

Diaceutics’ Legal and Quality and Compliance departments play a key role in administering the data protection regime and ensuring Diaceutics’ activities are fully compliant with relevant regulatory requirements across the globe, including GDPR in the UK and HIPAA in the US.

Further information on our Governance Framework and Business Practices, Key Governance and Business Policies, Ongoing and Future ESG Policies, Risk Management and Stakeholder Engagement can be found on Page 52 of our Annual Report. 


Further information about how the Directors are fulfilling their duties to promote the success of the Company including the interests of our key stakeholders, is set out within the Section 172 section of our 2023 Annual Report (page 60) and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2023 and the Company’s QCA Corporate Governance Statement (pages 71 - 77)